Upcoming shows:

On the bass:

Sean "Smooth" Cooper

A fantastic bassist straight
out of the wilds of the austin metal scene!
Sean's first show with us
was december 6th 2019 and
now has 3 shows since he
joined the syndicate

MArch T.B.A.

February 15, 2020


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booking aND contact inforomation     -     email:  BlacktopSyndicateband@gmail.com     -     phone:  (512) 574-4568


UPDATES:                           the 2nd song for our up coming  3rd ep was released, december 7, 2019. this is the 7th song recorded and mastered with tim dolbear of eclectica studios now in  nashville tn. 
"i'm Comin'" is available on all platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, YouTube, etc Or download your very own copy today  -  
right here  
2019 was a busy year for the syndicate, a few line up changes and some fantastic shows! Please welcome 2 new members for 2020 and beyond.

on the drums:

Paul Jeffrey

a clock work power house
Paul has taken to the Syndicate
tunes with ease and is helping
us get new material together!
Paul's first show with us
was jan 11 2020