February 15, 2020

On the bass:

Sean "Smooth" Cooper

A fantastic bassist straight
out of the wilds of the austin metal scene!
Sean's first show with us
was december 6th 2019 and
now has 3 shows since he
joined the syndicate

booking aND contact inforomation     -     email:  BlacktopSyndicateband@gmail.com     -     phone:  (512) 574-4568


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On Rhythm:

John E. Mack

Founding member of the band, producer, manager, main song writer, artist and floor sweeper upper. 

past shows:



UPDATES:                          ​                                                                                                    

2020 has seen 3 members leave the band. At present time the band is on hiatus for an indefinite period. perspective members may submit their interest to blacktopsyndicateband@gmail.com. If you are not interested in performing a great show and being involved with writing new material, please do not waste our time. A lot has gone in to this and the future plans for Blacktop Syndicate are to go much further than we have to this point. 

Drummer                                                                                 lead vocals                                                                        lead guitar
Position Available                                position available                             position available

Currently Seeking drummer with pro                             currently seeking singer with                                     currently seeking lead guitarist with
attitude, gear and drive                                                      pro attitude, skills and performance                         with pro attitude, skills and performance