(6/15/19 lyric arrangement attempt, not final)

There was a place we met, Not too long ago Set ablaze my heart, Now forever cold
An empty space, A tortured soul The haunting vision, Of my forgotten face
Looking out from behind cold eyes So many loves, With countless lies”
I wanted something, From nothing I would give them anything, Just one thing
I though you were something, You're nothing
Now that we are nothing
Floating high above the Earth 
Stolen kisses from the flames of hell Burning from with in. My mind my cell
Voices calling out Silent screams the devil in my head no one can see.
(pre chorus)
Floating high above the earth x2
I just want something, From nothing
there was a place we met, not long ago. burning from with in my mind my cell, the haunting vision of my tortured soul

1st proposed single art
Above the Earth (2019 attempt)

​by Blacktop Syndicate

Since 2018 ONLY 7 musicians have performed the song.
 Below are musicians that have performed the song before an audience at least once since  written 
2nd proposed single art

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  • 5:30
"above the earth" is the first actual collaboration between most of the members of "blacktop syndicate" and a welcomed departure from killing hookers and hot rods. written between october-november of 2018 it started with a bass riff from josh bent and quickly began to take the form of a complete song upon that first rehearsal. rusty's wife heard us working out the song through the walls and jotted down a basic chorus, some of which remains in the most recent versions of the song. over the next few days john and alicia worked very hard to sort out the story and  the lyrics. the song was very promising and would give each member time to shine. the band was, at first, very eager to work on the song, however problems and difference of opinions from who is lead vocalist to the look of the proposed artwork arose. during the first attempt at recording the completed song tempers flared as frustration set in. recordings from that attempt were shared with the band only many weeks after several request for them. the stems were sent to tim dolbear in the hopes of salvaging the efforts from that session, but it was a complete mess and cost john $300 bucks to find out how bad that session really was, the mix was issued an isrc code in hopes that it could be resurrected soon. josh quit the band in early 2019 and rusty left as well around this time. josh let us all know upon leaving, that material written in the band stayed with the band.. then changed his mind a few months later and informed us of his intent to us the song we'd worked on for the project he and rusty started in the months prior to their departure. a second attempt to record the song was made with much better results, although by this time jimmy was frustrated with the song and the arrangement in spite of the new, coherent usable drum tracks. The bass, rhythm guitar and main vocals laid down in june of 2019 and a few arrangement options were produced all were rejected by the other members of the band at the time. all work on the song stopped around september of 2019, but the song was issued another isrc code but release of the song was halted until it could be finished.

The track demonstrated here is  the most completed and coherent arrangement.  and is not the final product. Among other things, It is missing final lead guitar tracks, and the vocal arrangement was altered from the original takes for illustration purposes during the original writing process of the song in 2019, but has not been modified in anyway since., basically everything here are scratch tracks with isrc codes.
 Hopefully the new line up will finish this song. 
lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
  Alicia 17-20** 
Josh Bent 18-19*
     Jimmy Keith 15-20*   
     John e. Mack 15-present**    
rUSTY 16-19*
 JOHN E MACK 17-19* 
John E. Mack 15-Present*

Justin 19

Disapearing david 19


* = 2018 attempt         
* = 2019 attempt