lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
       Chris "burnin" 02-08**    
Brad Suxxon 02
       john e. mack 02-08**    
     John e. Mack 02-present****    
Mark Downer 02-06​**
john e. mack 05*
Doug Zilla 03-08*
josh stinx 04-05
doug zilla 08, 10*
James The Terrible 02, 10, 15
Kevin The Bastard 15-16
bucky gooch 08*
david beeson 10

Gino-Cide 03, 04, 19*
Jenn Roxx 16-17*
jack attack 10, 20
Mike Roxx 16-17

Tommy 05
      Alicia 17-20       
jesse 15-16*
jimmy keith 15-20**

jon snaggle 05
 Deanna 20-present
        John e Mack 17-19*    
    sean Cooper 20-present

chad 04, 15

josh 18-19

rusty 16-19*​*

disappearing david 19

justin 19

sean cooper 19-20

paul 20


patrick 20-present


              * =  cover for drunk singer  * ​= 2002 live recording  * = 2003 DIY demo    * =  2008 live recording   * = 2016 DIY demo   * = 2018 studio recording
2nd single art
"ted kennedy tribute"
option Rejected january 2018
Well he spent my money on a high heeled honey Now I'm lookin for a fight Blew my 100 dollar bill for her last thrill
This bitch is gonna die tonight oh hell yeah
Dead Hookers Dont Lie
She was doing some suckin, didn't care who she was fuckin
Tonight she's doing it free
Yeah when I stick it in let the screamin begin
Don't ya worry about the cops oh hell yeah
Dead Hookers Dont Lie
Well she was layin there with her feet in the air
Screamin give it all you got
You dirty girl get on your knees
its time for the money shot oh hell yeah
Well come on pretty lady wont ya be my slut and wrap your fuckin lips around my you know what I heard him say honey just 4 more hits
And I blew her brains at her store bought tits                
1st single art option Rejected january 2018

3rd single art approved february 2018

  • Dead Hookers (Don't Lie)2:52
written in 2001, first recorded live in 2002, then on a diy demo 2003, recorded again live 2008,
Lyrics altered for female singer in 2016, then recorded another DIY demo in 2016 and the final professional recording 2018.
 BElow are 31 different musicians have performed since written

booking aND contact inforomation     -     email:  BlacktopSyndicateband@gmail.com     -     phone:  (512) 574-4568

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