lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
       Chris "burnin" 02-08**    
Brad Suxxon 02*
       john e. mack 02-08**    
     John e. Mack 02-present****    
Mark Downer 02-06*​**
john e. mack 05*
Doug Zilla 03-08*
josh stinx 04-05
doug zilla 08, 10*
James The Terrible 02, 10, 15
Kevin The Bastard 15-16
bucky gooch 08*
david beeson 10

Gino-Cide 03, 04, 19
Jenn Roxx 16-17*
jack attack 10, 20
Mike Roxx 16-17

Tommy 05
      Alicia 17-20       
jesse 15-16*
jimmy keith 15-20**

jon snaggle 05

        John e Mack 17-19*    

chad 04, 15

josh 18-19

rusty 16-19*

disapeparing david 19

justin 19


              * =  cover for drunk singer  * ​= 2002 live recording  * = 2003 DIY demo    * =  2008 live recording   * = 2016 DIY demo   * = 2018 studio recording
originally written in 2002 for the "Burning Love Band" project "Homicidal trucker" was an early attempt at song writing for the new project. the original lyrics were... well... rhymed every other word with fucker.. but had a cool riff and some good elements to the song, that if re-imagined would ultimately make for a cool tune. Dozens of attempts were made to unfuck this song.. it's appeared on several live recordings, and 2 demos. but none of the variations ever quite nailed it.  In 2016 the song was resurrected and revised once more.. still kinda meh' but the 2016 diy demo is probably the closest it's ever come. lyrically its much better than the 2002 attempt, thanks to jenn and john working together on it and the addition of a second lead guitar was really cool, but the song still fell very short of the goal. for live shows it has been altered a little bit but not recorded since 2016. it was hoped a new and improved variation of the song would make it on to the 2018 "cubic dollars" 5 song ep, or on to the next ep featuring "i'm Comin" - "Above The Earth"  - "hot rod whore" and a yet to be named 5th song, this was not to be the case. So.. here is the 2016 version of the song..

  • Homicidal Trucker (2016 Demo)3:51
Since 2002, 25 musicians have performed the song.
 Below are musicians that have performed the song before an audience at least once since  written 
3 gears in and two pills ago
With blood pumping through my big rig Left my mark behind And still feeling the rush I take another big ole swig With my Diesel engine crankin I feel another urge
And I get to thinkin 

Well I'm a homicidal trucker
With nothing to lose I think I found myself another With million miles behind me 
And a lonely vehicle in front
Blowin my stacks high with fire With my deisel engine crankin He heard the devils choir Someone's life will soon expire 

Stopping is no option So you better stay on path Or you'll get what is coming Staying alive is the game And I'll never forget you But you're all the same Your license has expired So say your prayers. Cuz your engine has now retired 
Scream if you want too
No one can hear you
One of us has to die

I'm one crazy bitch
You're gonna die
I'm coming for you
So say bye bye

One of us has to die

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