Intro (Chorus)
Im Comin' Im Comin' Im Comin' Here I come!
(1st Verse)
Everybody came to dance, yet they'll get no chance well they'll soon realize I am the boogie man the fear that's in their eyes as the witness their demise there is no running away
Paralyzed in the darkness well they howled in to the night who the fuck cares, their gonna parish tonight
(Chorus) Solo
Well their begging me to stop, but this thrill is just too much I'm full of hate and I'm coming for you Down on your knees, As I raise my blade high slice through your spine from behind
Outro (Chorus)
lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
       Chris "burnin" 04-08*    
Doug Zilla 04-08
       john e. mack 04-08*    
     John e. Mack 04-present***    
Mark Downer 04-06*
john e. mack 05*
bucky gooch 08*
josh stinx 04-05
doug zilla 08, 10*
James The Terrible 10, 15
Kevin The Bastard 15-16
jack attack 10,20
david beeson 10

Gino-Cide 04, 2019
Jenn Roxx 16-17
jesse 15-16
Mike Roxx 16-17

Tommy 05
      Alicia 17-20       
john e. mack 17-18*
jimmy keith 15-20*

jon snaggle 05
 Deanna 20-present
       Josh bent 18    
    sean Cooper 20-present

chad 04, 15

disappearing david 19

rusty 16-19*

sean cooper 19-20

justin 19

long hair matt 20

Paul 20

patrick 20-present


                                                    * =  cover for drunk singer     * = 2008 live recording    * = 2016 diy demo    * = 2019 studio recording

written in 2004, recorded live in 2008, lyrics rewritten for female vocalist 2016 and again in 2017, was intended to appear on 2016 diy demo were never completed, professional recording in 2018 was scrapped for drum track issues, a successful professional recording was completed in  2019, only took 15 years!  31 different musicians have performed the song and are represented  Below.             

  • 1:12

  • I'm Comin'4:05
Im Comin
2008 sample

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