lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
   Kevin the bastard 15-16  
Jesse 15-16*
       Jimmy Keith 15-20**   
     John e. Mack 15-present*   
gino-cide 03,2019
jenn roxx 16-17*
 JOHN E MACK 17-19* 
MIKE ROXX 16-17*

Rusty 16-19**
alicia 17-20*
JOSH bent 18-19

Justin 19
deanna 20-present
disappearing DAVID 19

paul 20

long hair matt 20

patrick 20- present


* = 2016 diy demo
* = 2018 STUDIO ep
written November of 2015, ABOUT 8 MONTHS BEFORE "BLACKTOP SYNDICATE" WAS FULLY FORMED AND NAMED, "kiss of death" was technically the last song written as THE  "burning love band" project but was never performed live. jimmy showed up at a drummer-less rehearsal with the basic intro riff. jesse, jimmy, john and kevin then completed the song while DRUMMER auditions were BEING held. IN APRIL AND MAY OF 2016 A FEMALE SINGER, JENN ROXX REPLACED "THE BASTARD" SHE AND JOHN SET ABOUT REWRITING THE LYRICS WITH INPUT FROM HER HUSBAND, MIKE ROXX AND BASSIST JESSE. THE LYRICS WERE FINALIZED DURING THE RECORDING OF THE SONG IN 2018 BY JOHN AND ALICIA, THOUGH THEY DIDN'T STRAY TOO FAR FROM THE FIRST ALTERATION, A FEW ELEMENTS THAT JUST SOUNDED CORNY WERE REPLACED AT THAT TIME.   A RECORDING OF KEVIN THE BASTARD SINGING AN EARLY VERSION IN LATE NOVEMBER 2015 STILL EXISTS in the syndicate archives  and will be shared with the world.. eventually. 

  • Kiss Of Death3:53
Hey good lookin What ya staring at Why don't you get over here and bring me a beer
Let's have some laughs and get drunk in love Because I'm your angel from up above
Taste my lips Sweet as candy
Kiss of death

I await your soul Crushing all your dreams Making this your worst erotic nightmare

come on pretty baby Don't feel so low I'm not your average truck stop ho
Taste my lips
Sweet as candy
Kiss of death

Average looking I might be With a few drinks I'll have you where I need Smile and say cheese
Because your about To be down on your fucking knees

booking aND contact inforomation     -     email:  BlacktopSyndicateband@gmail.com     -     phone:  (512) 574-4568

Since 2015  17 musicians have performed the song.
 Below are musicians that have performed the song before an audience at least once since  written