​A sneak peak in to the making of our 2019 ep is currently in progress at Eclectica studios with  tim dolbear producing. This page will be updated periodically and will have some live video feeds, pictures and other behind the scenes kinda shit! . If you made it to this page you know This is the third record from blacktop syndicate in as many years, and the second recorded with the sound city - goodnight LA producer and engineer. at present recording is complete for the  first single on the record and will be available for download soon. art and layout for the single(s) and album is currently underway and should be finished in the next few weeks. release date for the completed ep is expected late spring 2019. We are very excited to be finishing up the last 2 songs from the 2016/17 demo and to be recording brand new material! Stay tuned for more details! 

copyright © 2019 Blacktop Syndicate

a little shameless advertisement for Eclectica Studios and Tim Dolbear
WE absolutely loved working with tim on "Cubic Dollars,
so we chose Eclectica for this album as well!
This will be the third disc to feature founding members:
John E. Mack, Jimmy Keith and Rusty Knales.
The second disc with Alicia Atwood on lead vocals
the first disc with Josh Pineda on bass. 

Pre-production begins: December 8 2018 at in the box studios.
Tracks being recorded include:

"Hot Rod Whore"
"Above the earth"
"Homicidal Trucker"
"I'm Comin"
"Currently Untitled 1"
"currently untitled 2"​

recording begins for "hot rod whore" January 12, 2019
this song appeared on our 2017 "Interstate 130 Demo" but the vocals were just not right for a song with this kind of kick! It was decided to re-record this track, professionally and with attitude it deserves!
All tracking complete for "Hot Rod Whore" January 12, 2019
​artwork in production for the single and the albums cover at this time

jimmy must undergo surgery monday Jan 21 2019,

recording schedule will be delayed a bit.

recording time scheduled for feb 9 2019