The examples of my work in the slide shows below will be updated periodically, I have thousands of photographs and images that will need to be uploaded here, so please check back often!
Each project shown here is unique, while some may share similar artwork styles, they all required varying amounts of time, labor and materials. 
Some were complete restorations, some repairs and color matches, while others were just custom paint work.. and some received everything!
These projects also span over 25+ years of my career.

What is your budget?
​How elaborate do you want it?
How much of it do you want painted?
How much damage repair will it need?
How much surface area does it have?
How much stuff will I need to removed and reinstalled?
What is its current condition?

Do you have a paint code(s)?
How many colors do you want?
Do you want econo or premium materials?
Do you want art work or graphics?
Do you need me to create a complete design?
Am I designing Logo's and other unique art?

Does the project belong to YOU?

What are your goals for the finished project?
Is this a restoration?
What other mechanical services are needed?
Does it need fabrication work?
Will it require certification to return to service?
What is your budget/expectation?
Has it been repainted since new?

Since 1996 

This is a Custom Shop, Not a Collision Repair shop. I work on the stuff Collision shops typically can't, won't or don't work on.
​Refinishing any vehicle, even in a single color is a very labor intensive process, the materials are dangerous, may cause health problems and are expensive! Even the economy stuff ain't cheap!
Keep in mind, most manufacturers painted the vehicles parts, then assemble it.. When you ask for a quote please be prepared to answer some or all of the following questions:

A quote or estimate given on a project that I have not seen in person is only a guess. It is impossible to tell over the phone or by way of a few photographs the actual condition of your project, it's Blue Book value, purchase price or your estimate of the costs have no bearing on the price of what it takes to refinish it. If you have a buddy that will do it for less, please take it to them!​
The in shop rate is $50.00 per hour plus materials, supplies, shipping, handling, pick up/delivery, taxes, fees, disposal where applicable.  I do not mark up the cost of any of these items, my cost is your cost.
Services provided outside of my shop will be charged  travel and/or lodging expenses when applicable. 

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