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many people have asked about the album's title and artwork. up front is a 1939 master deluxe and the title "cubic dollars" comes from a phrase used often by john's grandfather, an avid racer from the 1950's "Wild Bill" was known to say "cubic inches are good, but cubic dollars always wins the day".  This was obviously in reference to the cost of owning, operating and maintaining a winning competition vehicle. The phrase stuck in john's mind and makes an appearance in "supercharged". the art work though out the album continues the theme of mechanical rock and roll, from the front cover to the back the disc is beautifully detailed and sounds amazing! Pick up your copy today!  
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Blacktop Syndicate   /ˈblakˌtäp ˈsindikət' / : is  an  original,  high  energy  heavy  rock  band  from  Austin Texas  formed in  march of 2016.   with a dark sense  of high octane humor and a passion for rock and roll. Blacktop Syndicate is ​a great fit with all rock music sub-genera from classic rock, Thrash, rock-a-billy, punk, death, speed and of course, heavy metal. we provide engaging, memorable, fist pumping original songs and even a few overhauled classics. our industrial and supercharged debut album "cubic dollars" was completed at eclectica studios in austin texas, with sound city alum tim dolbear engineering. the five track album was released in august of 2018 and available now on dozens of media outlets and in traditional hard copy cd format. All  recordings are available in all professionally required formats upon request.
Cobra Cast with Bobby Sharron
Cobra Cast with Bobby Sharron
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" cubic Dollars " EP AVailable Now

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released, august 10, 2018 "cubic dollars" is the second disc from blacktop syndicate. the ep includes 5 tracks recorded and engineered at eclectica studios in austin tx by sound city alum tim Dolbear. The opening track is, "supercharged" a love story  right out of an N.H.R.A. rule book. Next is "Kiss of Death" a beautiful story about a female killer stalking the bars in your town. "Love In The Back Seat" is a good old fashioned power ballad about getting caught loving in the backseat of a stolen car. "Dead Hookers Dont Lie" a fun upbeat song you can dance too! "TEN MILE WALK" A 40 ton URBAN LEGEND BROUGHT TO LIFE. 

​​​​ © 2018 copyright Blacktop Syndicate

stage plots and images shown here are examples of set up and requirements for 3 different sized venue/performance areas. adjustments and alterations can be made, please contact us directly with questions or other related matters.
If you have any questions about needs, requirements or set up, please contact us prior to scheduled event date. 
Venue provided front of house sound is required, for most situations, we can provide front of house equipment if arranged in advance and for additional fee. images shown as example only and are not to scale. ​ right click image to open full sized image in new tab
official booking and/or Questions will be not be done via social media, please email us directly. 
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​​"interstate 130" demo:

SELF PRODUCED, RECORDED and distributed. a FIVE SONG DEMO CD which was released DECEMBER 7TH, 2016.  named for the practice space in which blacktop syndicate originally rehearsed. the cover depicts Interstate 35 north bound lower deck in austin texas. all vehicles shown belonged to members of the band at the time artwork was created. distribution for this demo was discontinued in february of 2018 during pre-production of "cubic dollars".

label:  bourbon legend records

genera:  hard rock/classic heavy metal

home town:  Austin TX

influences: iron maiden, misfits, reverend horton heat, metallica, judas priest, van halen, anthrax, s.o.d. 

sounds like: a mix of influences​

Compatible with: Rock, Metal, Punk, Rock-A-Billy, Hard Core, Thrash, Blues 

Associations: ASCAP/BMI, HAAM

Media Formats: 128 & 320 MP3, 96K-24Bit, 44K-24Bit, 44K-16Bit WAV, 44K-24Bit MFIT, 48K-24bit Video 

phone:  (512) 574-4568

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