performance reviews
- play rotation 105.3 fm the bat Austin Tx 2019
​​- voted Runner Up for "EP of the year" 2018 (c) B.R.A. 
- track 3 "awstin rawk vol 1 compilation 2018
- "Kiss of death" 3 weeks at #1 98.5 FM (australia) 2018
- "Supercharged" 2 weeks at #2 98.5 fm 2018
- supporting act for faster pussy cat, august 2018
- supporting act for hed pe, october 2018
- "Kiss of Death" Track of the day 98.5 fm 2018
- Live performance DAVE TV (Texas) june 2018
- play rotation the valley (australia) since 2018
- play roatation wade radio (new york) since 2016
- deep dallas radio (texas) play since 2018
- cobracast (texas) appearance march & October 2018
- play rotation on metal mashup show (IL) since 2018
- play rotation on rock rage radio (ohio) since 2018
- top 10 for 23 consecutive weeks on
- metal mark show appearance (texas) 104.7 fm
- ASCAP/BMI registered recording artists since 2016
- Daily airplay on Wade Radio New York since 2016
- Recording with sound city engineer since 2018​
​​"interstate 130" (2017 Demo):
SELF PRODUCED, RECORDED and distributed. a FIVE SONG DEMO CD  released DECEMBER 7TH, 2016. The cover depicts Interstate 35 north bound lower deck in austin texas.
distribution for this demo wasdiscontinued in february of 2018 during pre-production of
"cubic dollars".
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 Rhythm guitar                          vocals                     percussion                   lead guitar                                   bass

Blacktop Syndicate is an original, high  energy heavy rock band from Austin Texas formed in march of 2016  with a dark sense of high octane humor and a passion for rock n roll.

we are ​a great fit with all rock music sub-genera from classic rock, Thrash, rock-a-billy, punk, death, speed and of course, heavy metal. we provide engaging, memorable, fist pumping original songs and even a few overhauled classics. 
awstin rawk vol 2
(2019 compilation):
produced with
19 other rock,
metal, punk and blues bands from Austin Texas.
to date 1000 copies of this disc have been printed
and distributed
all over the world.
Blacktop Syndicate's song

"Kiss OF Death" appears on track #9. 
Dave TV
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Cobra Cast with Bobby Sharron
​This 5 member rock band with a female lead singer not only rocked, but their performance on stage is high Energy. Very entertaining with a little raw humor! Original songs with a few classic covers U won't forget this stage presence with this band! Must see live!!                                                                                               ***** ​Susan S  -  Jan 20, 2017

THANK YOU GUYS (AND GAL) THAT WAS THE MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD AT A SHOW!  Y'ALL WE SO MUCH FUN! CAN'T WAIT TIL YA'LL COME BACK TO TOWN!                                                                                                                                    ***** MARK R.  -  SEP 17, 2017

OUTSTANDING! WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME, THE PLACE WAS PACKED!! LOVE ME SOME SUPERCHARGED METAL!  Can I put more than five stars on this thing?                                                                                                                          *****  ALLAN S.  -  FEB 9, 2018

THEY PUT ON AN AWESOME SHOW!  first time to see them, fan for life now                                        *****  KIM B.  -  AUG 19, 2018

OUTSTANDING BAND. ITS A MUST SEE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!                                                                       ***** STEVE F.   -  JUN 5, 2018

CRUNCHY RIFF'S , CATCHY LICKS , GREAT BAND . FUN TO WATCH , DOWN TO EARTH PEOPLE TO HANG OUT WITH AND THE RAVEN HAIRED SINGER ALICIA ATWOOD WHO'S 2 ND TO NONE                                                                                             *****  DALE W.  -  OCT 6, 2018 

Blacktop syndicate put on one HELL of a show!! Totally blew me away!                                         *****  Bobbi H. Nov 18, 2018

These guys are solid pros, great live band, no slack on the stage, vocals are top notch, drums, guitars no rookies here, killed it at Texas Mist!                                                                                                                     ***** C.V. Wood. Feb 19, 2018
Valley 89.5 PM

copyright © 2019 Blacktop Syndicate

Deep Dallas Radio

John e. Mack:            Alicia Atwood:              NEW GUY:                  Jimmy Kieth:         David robbins

Wadio New York
Valley 89.5 PM
Dave TV
Cobra Cast with Bobby Sharron
   Austin TEXAS                              georgetown texas                    long island new york                 Canberra Australia                         rockford Illinois                                          cleveland ohio                                                       dallas texas                                                    austin texas
awstin rawk vol 1
(2018 compilation):
produced with
19 other rock,
metal, punk and blues bands from Austin Texas.
to date 1000 copies of this disc have been printed
and distributed
all over the world.
Blacktop Syndicate's song

"Ten Mile Walk" appears on track #3. 
​​"Cubic Dollars"
(2018 EP):

Released August 10, 2018
"cubic Dollars" 2nd record and the first with tim dolbear of ecclectica studios in austin texas. tracks include,
"Supercharged", "Kiss of Death"
"Love (In The Back Seat)",
"Dead Hookers Don;t Lie" 
"Ten mile walk". currently available in hard copy, download and streaming around the world.
Cobra Cast with Bobby Sharron

phone: (512) 574 - 4568

Booking &PR: John e. Mack

Full time drummer has been acquired!