2020 show and event schedule

Currently booking for 2020: festivals, night clubs and other venues which provide front of house sound. Performances requiring us to support sound is an additional fee and is commiserate with amount of equipment required. several dates are pending across the state at this time, please contact us directly for availability and booking confirmation. 


some past show flyers

booking aND contact inforomation     -     email:  BlacktopSyndicateband@gmail.com     -     phone:  (512) 574-4568

on hiatus, we are not booking at this time
currently seeking singer, drummer and lead guitarist

Jan 11
Kick Butt
  austin TX
davefest 5!!!  6 PM saturday!!

feb 8
Dirty Dog
  Austin  TX                                                                                                                                                  
dancyr - Inch Of Dark - Thunderosa

feb 13        
dirty dog 
  austin TX
green jelly - worm suicide - bat city rooster

Feb 15
Texas Mist
  Austin TX
                                                                        stupid  Drama -  the exiles - kaleider