written july of 2015, "ten mile walk" Is a follow up to the much older song, "Homicidal trucker" (2002). it was the very last song ever written and completed for  "burning love band" project and was only performed once as the blb on october 31 2015. john wrote the lyrics the night before the first rehearsal of the band's 2015 reunion show. music was written and arranged the next day by john, jimmy, jesse and james (also the first person to sing the song). a very rough recording of the song was done during a rehearsal in september of 2015 vocalized by keven the bastard. When that band broke up once again and the syndicate was formed, 2 recordings of the song were made, a 2016 diy demo version and a 2018 studio version. the structure of the song is pretty much as written in july of 2015.   

  • Ten Mile Walk3:29
Since 2015 20 musicians have performed the song. Below are musicians that have performed the song before an audience at least once since  written 
Ten Miles North of the Idiot Isle
Loud Mouth squaks "Hot Pussy, Low Miles" Three long days since He had some ass Three long nights so He pulled over fast
She jumped inside and dont ya know staring at the tits on this truck stop ho Steering with his dick, damn your lookin fine
Only say it once dont waste his time cus its a
Long Walk... Home
Running her mouth for the last three hours Still no action? "no pussy no miles" This little skank, she just wants to talk Searchin his cab for some shit she can hock 
Long Walk... Home
Runnin 85 and He slammed on the brakes Little Lady made a big mistake fear in her eyes as they hit the ditch Time to give up the pussy you stupid bitch
​Ten Mile Walk

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lead guitarist
     rhythm guitarists      
    James the Terrible 15   
Jesse 15-16*
       Jimmy Keith 15-20**   
     John e. Mack 15-present*   
James the terrible 15
 JOHN E MACK 17-19* 
MIKE ROXX 16-17*

GINO-CIDE 03, 2019
jENN rOXX 16-17*
JOSH bent 18-19

Chad 15
aLICIA 17-20*
disappearing DAVID 19

RUSTY 16-19​**
long hair matt 20


 jack attack 20 - present 



                                                                     * = APPEARED ON 2016 1st DEMO ATTEMPT   * = Appeared on 2019 studio recording